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NLCC Youth.

New Life youth meets every Wednesday evening.  The doors open at 5:30, a meal is served at 6:00 and at 7 they begin their Bible study and small groups.  Grades 6-12 are welcome!

Below you'll find information about the summer camps we attend. 

Camp Sooner


Camp Sooner is where New Life does church camp in the summer as well as other retreats during the year. Students get a more intimate setting that CIY Move and are challenge to study their Bible more deeply. There is also some free time when students can swim, play basketball, carpetball, and any number of other things that Camp sooner has to offer.

CIY Move


CIY Move is a huge experience and growing opportunity for high school students. It takes place different college campuses all across the nation, MOVE provides a program for 27,000 high school students every summer. Students are challenged through intense, interactive worship, dynamic preaching, small group study and community building. Students at MOVE not only learn and worship together – they spend quality time with their church youth groups, discovering ways that God will use them to impact the world. 

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